Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Bee or Not To Bee - my love affair with Vista Print

I've never used a classroom theme before, but my logo/trademark has always been a bee.  I don't know why, but for some reason I've always loved collecting bee related papers, stickers, stamps, etc.  From this little obsession I started calling my room Mrs. Nye's Hive and joked with the kids that I was the queen and they were the workers.  But I wasn't sure bees were "cool" for third graders and wrestled with letting go of my fondness for all things bee for this transition up the grade level ladder. 

But, I remembered my portfolio of custom made cards, stickers, stamps, magnets, etc. - all with some sort of bee on them, mind you -  living  over at Vista Print.  Then my friend, Jodi, over at Clutter-Free Classroom blogged about scoring the jackpot of all jackpots at Vista Print earlier this week.  Today I had enough uninterrupted time to sit down and work on getting an order ready.  Unfortunately I missed the free shipping deal, but this offer from VP was in my mailbox last night VP Clearance Sale.  The deals were too good to be true and I just can't let go of my bees.  Right now I'm up to $12.00 for shipping.  Here's what I've put in my cart so far:

The offer for these free things doesn't expire until the 31st, so I'm going to take my time finishing up this week.  

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  1. Oh, my! I will be obsessed all over again. I just tracked my packages I ordered this weekend. They are in Maumee, OH. Anywhere near you?

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