Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Linky Party - Day Three

Today's assignment is to pick my favorite author.  Like yesterday's task, this isn't easy either.  It feels wrong not picking Eric Carle, but for today's post I believe Kevin Henkes gets the honor.  I always started my first grade year with him as our author study and his series of mouse books are the best read alouds for the beginning of the year.  His storytelling is kid friendly and the students love to add his books to their independent reading boxes.  Henkes has also authored a few chapter books.  I may do a mini-unit using him, along with Cynthia Rylant, as examples of  authors who write picture books and chapter books.


  1. I just finished my post and linked up when I saw that your post was new! I clicked on your link and immediately started to laugh! Great minds think alike!

  2. Hey Mollie! I am a new teacher and I will also be teaching third this year. I am excited to read all of your ideas as the upcoming year approaches!


  3. Good Morning Mollie,
    I love Kevin Henkes and didn't realize he wrote chapter books. Eric Carle could easily be on my list for illustrations. There's an Eric Carle museum out in Western MA that I've been wanting to go to. As a new 3rd grade teacher you simply must read some Roald Dahl books. The BFG was my favorite. :)

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  4. Wow! Where have I been hiding? I didn't realize Kevin Henkes wrote chapter books either! I will definitely get on checking THAT out! So glad to have found your blog! I am teaching second but I love to get ideas from third grade teachers for my higher level learners!

    Hope King